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- The New Generation Led Warning Light Units Are The Brightest Most Powerful You Will Find.
- Selecting art for your home can be an exciting adventure
- When a new addition to the family arrives, the cameras pop out like weeds
- As it passes it takes all of the stresses and tension away in the ray of light
- As someone who is new to a locality

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- LED Light Housing
 LED lights produce a directional cone of light Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

A standard bulb heats a filament and or gas to create light.

Here are some of the benefits of utilizing LED lights to grow plants of all types:

- LED Grow Lights are very efficient in transforming electricity into light. This means that LEDs use up to 80% of the energy used to create light. One of the worlds largest lighting manufacturers has stopped all research and development into any other light sources except solid state lighting which is the category LED lights fall under.

- LEDs produce low or no UV light because of how the light is designed and manufactured. This spectrum of blue, orange and red was originally developed by NASA to efficiently grow plants on the international space station. Most other legacy lighting sources produce a broad spectrum of light that a plant does not use efficiently. The average angle of light coming from a LED grow light is 120 degrees compared to 360 degrees in conventional lighting.

Most lighting industry experts are confident that LED lighting will begin to replace all other lighting sources including compact fluorescents. Legacy types of grow lights do have a more focused spectrum but produce a lighting spectrum that goes into the ultraviolet (UV) spectrum which can be harmful to plants and people.

- The minimum heat produced by LEDs and efficient use electricity allows people living in small homes, offices or apartments easier access to the indoor gardening world. In a small space, LED Canopy Light such as a closet or basement corner, they can grow large amounts of organic food affordably all year long without concerns of climate or available outdoor space. This efficiency produces less heat and a high watt to lumen ratio. This company alone is investing 5% of their current revenues into research in solid state lighting.

Light emitting diode (LED) grow lighting sources assist in the growing of plants indoors because their basic electronic structure can be engineered to provide the exact lighting spectrum needed to optimize the growth and flowering of plants. Conventional plant lighting creates high temperature zones under the hood which will burn leaves and flowers if the plant is placed too close to the bulb.

- LED lights produce a directional cone of light that sends light in a measurable direction. In comparison, incandescent lights efficiency is at around LED Panel Light 5%.

- LED grow lights have a lower heat signature and are less likely to burn leaves. This type of lighting goes in all directions making the use of hoods and reflectors necessary to direct the light to the plants. The engineers of NASA invented the LED lighting source that is super efficient (used less electricity), produces a low amount of heat and creates the exact bandwidth for plants to grow and produce food. Astronauts needed to produce their own food because of some of the long stays on the ISS and for research in sustainable food production on trips to other planets.

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